Renata G. Curty

PhD Candidate
337 Hinds Hall
(315) 443-5509

Renata is a Fulbright/Capes Fellow PhD Student from Brazil who is current on a leave from her Assistant Teacher position at Londrina State University (UEL) for her Doctoral Studies in Syracuse. She got her B.S. Degree in Library Science (2003) with focus on Management and Corporate Libraries, and her MSc in Information Science (2005) with emphasis on Information Management at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). Her master thesis on information flow in dynamic and innovative environments was nominated to represent UFSC in the national prize of the Information Science Association (ANCIB) in 2006. 


Research Interests

Her interests includes: information architecture, information behavior, accessibility, usability, scholarly communication and platforms for scientific data sharing and reuse. 

Professional Interests

Before assuming her current position in Brazil, she coordinated a digital library project in a research institute and worked as a corporate librarian. Since 2006 she has been teaching at UEL courses related to Libraries and Archives Automation, Digital Preservation and Open Source Initiatives for Information Centers for Library and Archival Science Bachelors’ Degrees. In 2009, Renata was the chair and president of the third edition of the National Seminar in Information Science (SECIN); a conference which had more than 300 participants and approximately 50 peer-reviewed papers presented. In 2010, she edited an e-book on intellectual production in academic environments released by UEL, which included chapters from distinguished Brazilian researchers. 

Personal Interests

I am a big fan of movies, being Lars Von Trier, Fernando Meirelles, Jean P. Jeunet, Kubrick, Almodovar and Tarantino my favorites directors. When it comes to literature, the favorite books I read were written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, José Saramago and Clarice Lispector. In my free time I enjoy to be outdoors (when Syracuse weather permits). In terms of hobbies, I am paticularly excited about learning how to play the harmonica and to improve my photography skills.

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