Martha A Garcia-Murillo

206 Hinds Hall
(315) 443-1829

Martha Garcia-Murillo is a Professor of Information Studies at Syracuse University. She has an M.S. in Economics and a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Public Policy from the University of Southern California. She has done consulting for several United Nations Agencies and have provided training for regulators from all over the world through the World Bank and the United States State Department. She is also an expert in theory construction and has written and led workshops on the subject at multiple conferences and universities.


Research Interests

Dr. Garcia-Murillo specializes in regulation of information and communication related industries. Her areas of research include institutional and information economics and information economics, the impact of regulation of business behavior and factors that affect ifrastructure deployment. ICT innovation in Latin American and the they way regulators are affected by new technologies. Her most recent work looks at the impact of ICTs on entrepreneurship and development.

She is also interested and writes about theory construction.

Teaching Interests

Prof. Garcia-Murillo has taught several courses in the information field including information industry policy, U.S. and international telecommunications regulation, international management, new institutional economics, leadership, and the doctoral seminar in theory construction.

Professional Interests

Dr. Garcia-Murillo is a member of the International Telecommunications Society, the International Society for NewInstitutional Economics and ACORN-REDECOM. She has been a leading figure in the development of scholarly communities in Latin America specifically LACAIS and ACORN-REDECOM. She has been an invited speaker for meetings of international telecommunications regulators, universities and conferences.

Personal Interests

I enjoy meeting with friends for interesting social, political and economic discussion. I like cooking, biking, golfing, swimming, dancing and skiing in the winter. I play board games and travel with friends and belong to a local book club.

Teaching History

Spring 2015IST618M001Information Policy
Fall 2014IST618M001Information Policy
Fall 2014IST601M050Info. & Info Environments
Fall 2014IST400M005Leadership for Global Engageme
Summer 2014IST601M030Info. & Info Environments
Spring 2014IST618M001Information Policy
Fall 2013IST618M001Information Policy
Fall 2013IST400M005Leadership for Global Engageme
Fall 2013IST600M010Leadership for Global Engageme
Summer 2012IST601M030Info. & Info Environments
Spring 2012IST690M009Independent Study
Fall 2011IST618M001Information Policy
Fall 2011IST601M050Info. & Info Environments
Summer 2011IST601M030Info. & Info Environments
Fall 2010IST618M002Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Fall 2010IST601M001Info. & Info Environments
Summer 2010IST601M030Info. & Info Environments
Spring 2010IST618M002Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Fall 2009IST618M002Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Fall 2009IST601M001Info. & Info Environments
Summer 2009IST601M001Info. & Info Environments
Spring 2009IST618M002Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
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