Jian Qin


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Jian Qin - Curriculum Vitae

Jian Qin's areas of research interest include metadata, knowledge and data modeling, scientific communication, research networks, and research data management. Her research She received funding from IMLS to devleop an eScience librarianship curriculum and from NSF for the Science Data Literacy project. Her recent research projects include developing a Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management funded by a grant from the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) and the exploration of research networks in a very large data repository, which is funded by NSF. She was a visiting scholar at the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), where she developed the learning object vocabulary project. Jian Qin has published widely in national and international research journals. She was the co-editor for several special journal issues on knowledge discovery in databases and knowledge representation. Jian Qin holds a Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Research Interests

Information and knowledge organization: metadata, schema representation of information, ontological modeling

Scientific communication: scientific data management, impact assessment, interactions

Teaching Interests

Information organization, metadata, applied data science, digital libraries, and scholarly communication.

Teaching History

Fall 2013 IST616 M800Info Rsces: Organiz & Access
Fall 2013 IST676 M800Foundations of Digital Data
Summer 2013 IST687 M501Applied Data Science
Spring 2013 IST687 M800Applied Data Science
Spring 2013 IST681 M800Metadata
Fall 2012 IST616 M800Info Rsces: Organiz & Access
Fall 2012 IST676 M800Foundations of Digital Data
Spring 2012 IST600 M003Data Services
Spring 2012 IST687 M800Scientific Data Management
Spring 2012 IST990 U003Independent Study
Fall 2011 IST616 M800Info Rsces: Organiz & Access
Fall 2011 IST676 M800Digital Libraries
Summer 2011 IST800 M550Proseminar: Scholarly Comm.
Summer 2011 IST681 M800Metadata
Spring 2011 IST777 M001Statistical Methods in IST
Spring 2011 IST600 M007Scientific Data Management
Fall 2010 IST616 M001Info Rsces: Organiz & Access
Fall 2010 IST676 M800Digital Libraries
Summer 2010 IST676 M800Digital Libraries
Summer 2010 IST681 M550Metadata
Spring 2010 IST616 M002Info Rsces: Organiz & Access
Summer 2009 IST681 M001Metadata
Spring 2009 IST676 M001Digital Libraries

Jian Qin is the professor of record for these courses:

Course NumberTitle
IST616Info Rsces: Organiz & Access
IST676Digital Libraries
IST676Foundations of Digital Data
IST687Applied Data Science
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