Jill Hurst-Wahl

Associate Professor of Practice
Director, MS in Library and Information Science & MS LIS with School Media Specialization Programs

208 Hinds Hall
(315) 443-1070

Throughout her career, Jill Hurst-Wahl has blended library science, information technology and entrepreneurship. During her career, Jill has:

  • worked in information technology as a trainer and a programmer/analyst. 
  • managed two corporate libraries.
  • started her own consulting practice.

Her areas of interest include:

  • Digitization
  • Digital libraries
  • Copyright
  • Online social networking
  • Web x.0

Besides being an avid blogger, Jill is a frequent author and speaker.

Jill is currently a current member of the USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council. She is a former member of the Special Libraries Association Board of Directors (2011-2013) and of the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries (2007-2012).

In 2012, Jill was given the Jeffrey Katzer Professor of the Year Award, which recognizes a full-time faculty member for outstanding teaching, advising and service.  In 2012, the recipient was selected by iSchool graduate students.  In 2007, Jill was honored as the "Minority Small Business" Champion by the Syracuse office of the U.S. Small Business Administration.  The Syracuse SBA office covers 34 counties in Upstate New York.  In 1993, she  received the  Distinguished Achievement Award from the South Central Research Library Council for work with the corporate librarians in the Southern Tier.

Originally from Harrisburg, PA, Jill has lived for more than half of her life in New York State.  She is graduate of Elmira College and received her MLS from the University of Maryland.

Short Bio:  Jill Hurst-Wahl is an associate professor of practice in Syracuse University‚Äôs School of Information Studies and the director of both its library and information science & LIS with school media specialization programs.  A former corporate librarian, Jill has always been an advocate for expanding the career opportunities for LIS graduates.  She is a member of the USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council.  Her interests include copyright, the use of social media, and the future of the profession.


Research Interests

Rather than engaging in pure research, Jill participates in library, IT and entrepreneur communities to discover new ideas and bring them into the classroom.

Teaching Interests

In the last few years, Jill has taught:

  • IST 600: Effective Search Techniques
  • IST 601: Information and Information Environments
  • IST 605: Information Resources: Users & Services
  • IST 613: Library Services Planning, Marketing & Assessment
  • IST 626: Business Information Resources & Strategic Intelligence
  • IST 677: Creating, Managing and Preserving Digital Assets
  • IST 735: Copyright for Information Professionals

Professional Interests

Jill is active in the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and has held positions both at the local and association levels. Currently, Jill is member of the SLA Board of Directors (2011-2013) as serves as a liaison to several SLA units and committees.  She is also a member of the New York Library Association (NYLA) and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE).

In 2007, Jill was appointed to a five-year term on the New York State Regents Advisory Council on Libraries, which advises the Regents on policy and  other matters concerning libraries across the state.  In 2009, she was appointed to the USNY Technology Policy and Practice Council (TPPC).

Personal Interests

A resident of Central New York, Jill likes working in the yard to grow flowers, herbs and a few vegetables. She enjoys spicy foods and has become a connoisseur of hot sauces.

Teaching History

Spring 2015IST613M002Library Plan., Mrktng, Assess
Fall 2014IST735M800Copyright for Information Prof
Summer 2014IST601M030Info. & Info Environments
Spring 2014IST613M002Library Plan., Mrktng, Assess
Fall 2013IST605M001Reference& Info Literacy Svces
Fall 2013IST735M800Copyright for Information Prof
Summer 2013IST600M019Effective Search Techniques
Spring 2013IST677M001Creating Digital Assets
Spring 2013IST613M002Library Plan., Mrktng, Assess
Fall 2012IST605M001Reference& Info Literacy Svces
Fall 2012IST735M800Copyright for Information Prof
Spring 2012IST677M800Creating Digital Assets
Spring 2012IST613M002Library Plan., Mrktng, Assess
Fall 2011IST605M001Reference& Info Literacy Svces
Fall 2011IST605M002Reference& Info Literacy Svces
Fall 2011IST600M804Copyright
Fall 2011IST600M010Effective Search Techniques
Spring 2011IST613M001Library Plan., Mrktng, Assess
Spring 2011IST677M001Creating Digital Assets
Fall 2010IST605M001Reference& Info Literacy Svces
Fall 2010IST605M002Reference& Info Literacy Svces
Fall 2010IST626M001Bus Info Res & Strat Intel
Spring 2010IST677M001Creating Digital Assets
Spring 2010IST613M004Library Plan., Mrktng, Assess
Spring 2010IST600M009Copyright Law in the Dig. Age
Fall 2009IST676M001Digital Libraries
Fall 2009IST677M001Creating Digital Assets
Fall 2009IST626M001Bus Info Res & Strat Intel
Spring 2009IST677M001Creating Digital Assets
Spring 2009IST626M001Bus Info Res & Strat Intel
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