David Dischiave

Associate Professor of Practice
Director, Global Enterprise Technology (GET) and Systems and Information Science (SIS)

225 Hinds Hall
(315) 443-4681

David Dischiave - Curriculum Vitae

Dave Dischiave is an associate professor and the director of the Global Enterprise Technology Programs and the Systems & Information Science Program in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, where he teaches information management and technology courses. 

Dischiave's Information Technology background spans over thirty years. He has held many technical and management positions at a number of large corporations, where he held a variety positions as computer programmer, programmer/analyst, systems analyst, project manager, application development manager, software engineering manager, and director of application development. 

His teaching experience dates back to the early-seventies where he taught computer fundamentals and computer programming courses at Manchester Community College in Manchester, Connecticut. He also continues to serve as an adjunct faculty member to several local educational institutions, where he teaches a variety of technology and business-related courses in the MBA program at SUNY Oswego and in Computer Studies department at Onondaga Community College. 

Dischiave received a bachelor's degree in computer science from the State University of New York at Potsdam and a Master of Science in Computer Information Technology from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Today, Dischiave continues to co-own a consulting company, CADEIT, where he does business and technical consulting for a variety of medium to large organizations.    


Research Interests

Dave's research interests include: computer systems performance including the processing of large-complex data sets, the simplification of process and data modeling techniques, database security, cultural influences on the evolution of computer programming languages and the use of natural language on information and its uses.

Teaching Interests

Dave's teaching interests continue to be technology focused. He enjoys teaching courses that include: solving large complex problems, large complex data sets, systems analysis and design; database design, implementation, management and administration; computer hardware and operating system architecture; software engineering; large scale information systems integration; comparative programming languages; management principles of application development and managing large complex global enterprise systems.

Professional Interests

Dave continues to stay engaged in practice helping large-complex global enterprises deploy large-scale information systems; deploy process and data modeling techniques, object-oriented software engineering principles, object-oriented database management systems and enterprise and database security techniques.

Personal Interests

Dave enjoys working with students in the GET Center for Enterprise Security and for fun plays guitar and sings in the The iBand, a rock and roll band made up of faculty and staff members at Syracuse University.

Teaching History

Spring 2015GET239M001Enterprise Technologies
Spring 2015IST352M004Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Spring 2015GET487M800Global Tech
Spring 2015GET687M800Global Tech
Spring 2015GET400M004Global Application Development
Fall 2014IST352M003Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Fall 2014GET239M001Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2014GET239M002LAB: Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2014GET400M001Global Application Development
Spring 2014GET439M001Enterprise Technologies
Spring 2014IST352M004Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Spring 2014GET487M800Euro Tech
Spring 2014GET687M800Euro Tech
Spring 2014GET400M004Global Application Development
Fall 2013IST352M003Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Fall 2013GET439M001Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2013GET439M002LAB: Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2013SIS100M002Freshman Forum
Spring 2013IST352M001Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Spring 2013IST439M001Enterprise Technologies
Spring 2013GET400M001Eurotech
Spring 2013GET485M001Large IT Projects:Enterprise
Spring 2013GET600M002EuroTech
Fall 2012IST101M007Freshman Forum
Fall 2012IST439M001Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2012IST352M003Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Summer 2012GET485M550Large IT Projects:Enterprise
Spring 2012IST352M001Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Spring 2012IST439M001Enterprise Technologies
Spring 2012GET400M001Eurotech
Spring 2012IST600M002EuroTech
Spring 2012GET400M485Lg IT Projects-Enterprise(485)
Fall 2011IST621M001Intro to Information Mgmt.
Fall 2011IST101M007Freshman Forum
Fall 2011IST439M001Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2011IST352M003Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Summer 2011IST621M050Intro to Information Mgmt.
Summer 2011IST439M550Enterprise Technologies
Summer 2011IST639M550Enterprise Technologies
Spring 2011IST352M001Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Spring 2011IST439M001Enterprise Technologies
Spring 2011GET400M001Eurotech
Spring 2011IST600M001EuroTech
Spring 2011GET400M485Lg IT Proj: Ent.Sys.Strategies
Fall 2010IST621M001Intro to Information Mgmt.
Fall 2010IST601M001Info. & Info Environments
Fall 2010IST439M001Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2010IST101M009Freshman Forum
Fall 2010IST352M003Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Summer 2010IST621M050Intro to Information Mgmt.
Summer 2010IST439M550Enterprise Technologies
Summer 2010IST639M550Enterprise Technologies
Spring 2010IST352M001Info Analysis of Org. Systems
Spring 2010IST439M001Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2009IST621M001Intro to Information Mgmt.
Fall 2009IST439M001Enterprise Technologies
Fall 2009IST434M001Global Computing Challenges
Fall 2009IST101M009Freshman Forum
Summer 2009IST601M001Info. & Info Environments
Summer 2009IST621M001Intro to Information Mgmt.
Spring 2009IST971M001Internship in Info Studies
Spring 2009IST971M003Internship in Info Studies
Spring 2009IST400M003Enterprise Technologies
Spring 2009IST659M003Data Admin Concepts & Db Mgmt
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