Lee W McKnight

Associate Professor

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Lee W.McKnight is Kauffman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and an Associate Professor in the iSchool (The School of Information Studies), Syracuse University. Lee was Principal Investigator of the National Science Foundation Partnerships for Innovation Wireless Grids Innovation Testbed (WiGiT) project 2009-2014, which was recipient of the 2011 TACNY Award for Technology Project of Year. Lee is inventor of edgeware, a new class of software for creating secure ad hoc overlay cloud to edge applications, known as gridlets and wiglets. Lee’s research focuses on cloud to edge services and policy, virtual markets and wireless grids, the global information economy, national and international technology policy, and Internet governance. He was an Associate Professor of International Information and Communication and Director of the Edward R. Murrow Center at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University; Principal Research Associate and Lecturer at MIT; and Founder of the Internet Telephony Consortium, also at MIT. Lee served on the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council of TM Forum; and as a member of IEEE P2030.4 smart grid interoperability task force. Lee is Founder and was a Member of the Board of Directors of Wireless Grids Corporation, 2004-2014. Lee was a Founding Member of the Board of Directors of Summerhill Biomass Systems 2007-2013.

McKnight teaches graduate and undergraduate courses such as Cloud Management, Information Policy, and Telecommunications Regulation at Syracuse University, and lectures annually in the MIT Professional Education short course, 'Technology, Organizations, and Innovation: Putting Ideas to Work.' His research interests span policy, economic, business and technical aspects of the global information economy. In addition to many peer reviewed journal articles in technical and policy journals, his academic work includes a number of books. Professor McKnight's next 5 books on his ground-breaking virtual markets and wireless grids research will be published in 2015-2016 by Imperial College Press/World Scientific Press, Singapore and London.  The first book in the World Scientific Press series, 'Cloud to Edgeware: Wireless Grid Applications, Architecture and Security for the "Internet of Things"' with Tyson T Brooks, will be published November 2015.  Lee's co-authored book 'Knowledge Networks, the Internet, and Development' was published by MIT Center for E-Business/Nabu Press, 2014 and 2011. McKnight's co-authored and co-edited books published by MIT Press include ‘Creative Destruction: Business Survival Strategies in the Global Internet Economy’(2001,2002, Japanese translation by Toyo Kezai 2003; Chinese translation by Economic Sciences Press 2007), ‘Internet Telephony’(2001), the award-winning ‘The Gordian Knot:Political Gridlock on the Information Highway’(1997,1999) and Internet Economics (MIT Press, 1997, 1998), a path breaking work that is the first to develop metrics for economic analysis of Internet transactions. 

McKnight received a Ph.D. in 1989 from MIT; an M.A. from the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University in 1981; and a B.A. magna cum laude from Tufts University in 1978.


Research Interests

The WiGiT Lab at Syracuse University iSchool which I direct leads research across a wide array of fields related to wireless grids, edgeware, mobile clouds, Internet of Things, and virtual markets, with support of the National Science Foundation Partnerships for Innovation Program, the Industrial Innovation Program, and other NSF Division of Engineering programs as well as corporate and community partners. See http:wigit.ischool.syr.edu for more information.

The role of information and communication technology in shaping the global political and market virtual environments is of strong interest to me. In addition, I am interested in helping students learn to model and analyze new information systems services and applications and policies; wireless grids, nomadicity and mobility; the convergence of the Internet and telecommunications industries; Internet economics and policy; information technology and development; national and international technology policy including for innovation in cybersecurity and cyberlearning.

Teaching Interests

Cloud management, information policy, telecommunications regulation. <br />

Professional Interests

Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Infopreneurship. Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Internet Policy Studies. Previous: Editorial Board Member for INFO. Editorial Board Member for Brazilian Electronic Journal of Economics. Editorial Board Member for Journal of Municipal Telecommunications.

Member, OECD ICCP CSISAC (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Civil Society Information Society Advisory Committee to the OECD Information, Computers, and Communication Policy Committee

Member, Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (IGC)

Member, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, TM Forum

Member, IEEE P2030.4 Smart Grid Interoperability Task Force

Personal Interests

Married to Elaine. 3 children, Phillip, William and Christina. Interests include soccer, skiing, and travel.

Teaching History

Spring 2016 IST618 M003Information Policy
Spring 2016 IST453 M001Telecommunications Regulations
Fall 2015 IST618 M002Information Policy
Fall 2015 IST728 M001Information Security Policy
Fall 2015 IST600 M001Cloud Management
Spring 2015 IST618 M003Information Policy
Spring 2015 IST453 M001Telecommunications Regulations
Fall 2014 IST618 M002Information Policy
Spring 2014 IST618 M002Information Policy
Spring 2014 IST453 M001Telecommunications Regulations
Fall 2013 IST618 M002Information Policy
Fall 2013 IST880 M001Intensive Seminar
Summer 2013 IST880 M540Intensive Seminar
Summer 2013 IST999 M800Dissertation
Spring 2013 IST618 M002Information Policy
Spring 2013 IST453 M001Telecommunications Regulations
Fall 2012 IST618 M002Information Policy
Fall 2012 IST456 M001Info Policy & Decision Making
Spring 2012 IST618 M002Information Policy
Spring 2012 IST453 M001Telecommunications Regulations
Spring 2012 IST990 U003Independent Study
Fall 2011 IST618 M002Information Policy
Fall 2011 IST618 M801Information Policy
Summer 2011 IST880 M540Intensive Seminar
Spring 2011 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Spring 2011 IST618 M002Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Fall 2010 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Fall 2010 IST453 M001Telecommunications Regulations
Summer 2010 IST880 M540Intensive Seminar
Spring 2010 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Spring 2010 IST618 M004Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Spring 2010 IST990 M006Independent Study
Fall 2009 IST453 M001Telecommunications Regulations
Spring 2009 IST754 M001Telecom Final Project
Spring 2009 IST600 M002Innov. in Netwkd Info Environ.
Fall 2008 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Fall 2008 IST690 M006Independent Study
Fall 2008 IST490 M003Independent Study
Spring 2008 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Spring 2008 IST754 M001Telecom Final Project
Fall 2007 IST444 M001Info Reporting & Presentation
Fall 2007 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Spring 2007 IST444 M001Info Reporting & Presentation
Spring 2007 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Spring 2007 IST840 M016Practicum in Teaching
Spring 2007 IST810 M017Practicum in Research
Fall 2006 IST444 M001Info Reporting & Presentation
Fall 2006 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Fall 2006 IST810 M024Practicum in Research
Fall 2006 IST840 M026Practicum in Teaching
Spring 2006 IST618 M001Survey/Telecom & Info Policy
Spring 2006 IST810 M025Practicum in Research
Spring 2006 IST840 M025Practicum in Teaching
Fall 2005 IST754 M001Telecom Final Project
Fall 2005 IST665 M001Telecom Cost Modeling
Fall 2005 IST810 M024Practicum in Research
Fall 2005 IST840 M026Practicum in Teaching
Fall 2005 IST665 M002Telecom Cost Modeling
Fall 2005 IST754 M002Telecom Final Project

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IST456Info Policy & Decision Making
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